Athens, July 5th, 2015: birth date of a new Europe

ITA  ΕΛΛ <ἀλλ᾽ ἡ Ἕλλας οὐκ> εἶχεν εὔαρκτον στόμα, / ἡ δ᾽ ἐσφάδαζε, καὶ χεροῖν ἔντη δίφρου / διασπαράσσει καὶ ξυναρπάζει βίᾳ / ἄνευ χαλινῶν καὶ ζυγὸν θραύει μέσον. But Hellas does not kept her mouth obedient to the rein. / She struggled and with her hands tore apart the harness of the car;/ then, free of the … Leggi tutto